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  • We hear what you are saying
  • We understand and appreciate your situation
  • We will act in your best interest
  • We will achieve a result that is right for you

Whether you want closure to a bad relationship, have been notified of a divorce petition, require help with achieving a financial settlement, with an agreement on cohabitation or with child arrangements, we have experienced lawyers to support and assist you to achieve what is best for you.

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Divorce Law

For individuals seeking advice relating to divorce.

Children's Family Law

Child & Family Law

For individuals seeking advice relating to child law.

Family Law and Finance

Finance Law

For individuals seeking advice relating to finances.

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Why Sanctuary Law

We firmly believe that proper and professionally delivered Family law advice is critical to the lives of our clients. We are committed to providing such advice services and have much experience in supporting our clients through difficult circumstances. Our team combines expertise with exceptional care and empathy delivered to you when you need it most.

Our Service Principles:

Chance to build rapport and trust with your dedicated Caseworker

Your Adviser will make you feel at ease.
We will ensure that an Adviser / Caseworker meets with you first to allow you to feel at ease and to confirm that they are suitable for your case. Our aim is to provide an environment in which you feel able to build rapport and trust with your dedicated caseworker before you agree to move ahead with Sanctuary Law.

We will respectfully concentrate on what you are saying

Our role is to be attentive and hear what you are saying so that we can truly represent your case.

Your caseworker will listen to you in order to identify your issues and needs appropriately, so that we can we can truly represent your case. Then proceed to tailor our strategy to deal with your matter accordingly. We will take a sensitive and conciliatory approach according to your circumstances, whilst at the same time work with you to protect your assets, and / or secure anything that you are entitled to.

Appropriate course of action

We will explore all options to get the most optimum results.

After assessing your options, we will put to you what we believe is the best and most cost effective route to help you to achieve your goals.

Our fee structure will be transparent

There will be complete clarity about our charges.

You will receive a clear estimate of costs before we start the work. You will be notified if circumstances change and if this results in a change of costs. In such a case, you will be consulted before any further work is carried out so that you may discuss the changes and give your agreement before moving ahead with any further fees.

Support, advice and guidance

You will be supported and advised along the journey.

We will support you and guide you every step of the way. Our aim is to remove the pressure from you so that you can feel a little more relaxed in knowing that you have family law specialists in your corner. We will continue to take instructions on your case along the way and will provide you with the best advice and guidance to allow you to make all relevant decisions in a stress free environment. Our communications to you will be clear, easy to understand and as sensitive as possible under what can be very difficult circumstances.

Sensitivity, understanding and respect

Our working ethos is to be caring and compassionate about client circumstances.

We fully understand that this can be a very trying and stressful time. As your legal advisers, we will work in every way possible to remove the stress of the situation. We have a strong commitment to delivering our service in a timely manner and to remain positively focused on your case by continuously progressing actions that we have already agreed to undertake.