We maximise the chances of you achieving a successful outcome in your divorce or separation for your children, family and/or finances  through applying legal expertise and a  unique psychological understanding of your case.

Family lawyers cannot properly represent you or your children at such an important time in your life simply through the application of legal knowledge or relying upon the facts alone.  Every case is unique but not because of the applicable law (which has been established in the context of other family situations).   or the facts (every permutation of which the court has encountered before and which can simply “cut both ways”).

Rather, what is unique about your case and, therefore, what dictates a successful outcome, derives from an expert understanding, not only of the law, but of the psychology of the people involved, relationship and separation dynamics, decision-making, and how the parties engage in disputes.  Without an in-depth understanding of this core information, a client’s case cannot be properly understood, communicated nor presented to the court or other family law stakeholders such as Cafcass, social services or court-appointed experts.

A proper understanding of these issues, from both a psychological and legal perspective, can minimise the chances of a dispute developing in the first place or prevent one from escalating, through improved communication.  Without this combined legal and psychological expertise, family lawyers, typically, restrict communication and represent their clients through blame,  allegations and counter allegations. This raises the emotional temperature, legal costs and failing to understand the core concerns of their clients. Our ability to combine both legal and psychological approaches for our clients is very frequently the decisive factor in them succeeding in achieving their desired outcomes in negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Such a combined legal and psychological approach also ensures that our clients feel supported and understood emotionally and psychologically at a time when they are experiencing great upset and confusion.  As a result they experience less anxiety and feelings of helplessness and achieve a greater understanding and emotional closure around the reasons for the separation or divorce.

Typically, as our client, you will receive:

  • Expertise in understanding the reasons behind the relationship or marriage breakdown, the dynamics of any dispute and the people involved;
  • A strategic approach in order to maximise the opportunity of reaching agreement or successful litigation, the effectiveness of which can be benchmarked from an early stage;
  • Advice on improving communication and minimising areas of dispute between you and your spouse/partner and effective approaches to dispute resolution prior to and during litigation;
  • Expertise in issues of mental health – whether it be psychiatric, psychological, diagnosable or not, including problematic personalities and personality disorders;
  • Individual psychological support aimed at improving how you engage and manage your dispute;
  • Advice on the effective presentation and communication of your case to the other party in the dispute, Cafcass, social services, and court-appointed experts;
  • Advice and guidance on locating, instructing and questioning court-appointed experts;
  • Supporting you in constructively communicating your case at times of immense stress and pressure during legal proceedings;
  • “24/7” levels of client service to reflect the importance of the case to you.

For further information, we refer you to the articles published in a variety of legal and medical journals, found in the Blog section of this website.

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