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Whether you wish to end a bad relationship, or receive a divorce petition, Sanctuary Law can assist you towards achieving the most optimum result for you.

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Our Approach

Right from the very word go, we will provide you with initial advice on the divorce process and will give you information on what steps to take before making an application for divorce. Your divorce solicitor will make sure that there is absolute transparency on fees and will provide clear and easy to understand advice.

Every divorce case is unique and personal

We take absolute care and sensitivity in listening to your every need and make sure that you have a divorce solicitor and where appropriate a case worker with the appropriate experience and skills to support you in the most effective manner.

  • Our team will work with you to develop a clear understanding of your needs and the sensitive approach you would wish to take.
  • Our team will take a sensitive, caring and conciliatory approach to dealing with your matter, or if necessary work towards protecting your assets and securing all that you are entitled to.
  • Our role is to work with you during what is often a very trying and distressful time and to give you the confidence that you are being appropriately supported and represented in the best possible manner.
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For individuals seeking advice relating to child law.

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