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At the heart of family law lies the matter of finance, regardless of whether we are talking about separation, will writing or making a pre-nuptial agreement. We will ensure that these important financial matters are dealt with effectively in your best interests during this difficult time in your life

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  • At such a time that you're facing a divorce, you will need to know where you stand financially.
    You may be:
  • Concerned about your own financial security or responsibilities
  • Unclear on how to tackle the matter of dividing up the family's assets or
  • Worried about the scale and nature of financial settlement you might end up with.

We believe that:

  • We keep the bigger picture in mind
  • We must do all we can to help you achieve your objectives
  • We must be honest and pragmatic
  • You must not be let down
  • We must keep our promises
  • We must protect your interests
  • We must find ways of reducing conflict
  • We must help you find the right process and approach to getting the divorce finances settled.

We can assist you with a complex range of issues pertaining to finance such as whether you are seeking to protect your wealth, uncover hidden assets or you simply wish to formalise a settlement negotiated directly with your spouse or partner.

The ultimate resolution of monetary issues after the breakdown of a relationship or marriage can be deeply complex, painful and stressful. Ensuring that you have experienced advice and effective legal assistance on your side can make a major difference to the final level of success regarding your case.

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