Relocation of Children

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Put simply Sanctuary Law Family solicitors are the  pre-eminent family law solicitors in the area of  acting for parents applying for and opposing the court’s permission to internationally relocate with their children (“leave to remove proceedings”).

Our testimonials prove this.There is no other firm you should instruct to either save your children from a relocation or relocate out of the country if that is in the children’s best interests.

There are a number of very significant reasons for this which are not available to other law firms:

  • We have personal as well as professional experience of successful leave to remove litigation.  Prior to establishing Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors, Richard Gregorian was a partner in an international banking practice in the City of London.  Against all the legal advice he received, he utilised the joint legal and psychological approach which underpins this firm to ensure a successful resolution of his litigation which has had long-term benefits for the entire family.  He treats every client opposing or applying for relocation as if acting in the best interests of his own children and his track record of success speaks for itself;
  • In such important litigation, the joint legal and psychological approach is completely fundamental : whether it be in his own personal case or acting for the many clients opposing or applying for relocation (leave to remove),  Richard Gregorian fully accept the limitations of the legal process.  He attributes the success of his own and his clients’ cases to the combination of his legal expertise and  Gavin Emerson’s, understanding of the subject matter of family law: the psychology of the individuals, personalities and facts.  . Time and again, this combined approach has proved to be the determining factor in securing a successful outcome for our clients because it is neither the facts nor the law alone (including Payne v Payne, Re K or later cases) which determine the outcome in these cases. The courts have seen every permutation of fact (all of which can simply “cut both ways”) and the law in this area, as with other types of children dispute, is very general and easily departed from;
  • The joint legal and psychological strategy devised for your case is the key to its success.  The implementation of these strategies ensure that they are presented to best effect to the important decision-makers in your case, including CAFCASS, social services, court-appointed mental health experts and the judge;
  • Due to our professional and personal experience in this area, our team has a very significant degree of empathy and passion concerning these cases which are extremely stressful for clients in view of the high-stakes nature of this type of litigation. We fight very hard and very effectively for your and your child’s interests but always in a child centric manner, because that, after all is the strongest position.  The label “children’s best interests” is completely meaningless without understanding what it means psychologically to the family and how to present and prove it;
  • Due to our combined experience and skill set, we are expert in managing high conflict personalities and situations which typically accompany such highly charged litigation. We have many examples of early agreement being reached due to understanding the psychology of the other parent’s case;
  • We have a detailed understanding of mental health issues should these be encountered in the case and
  • We have extensive experience in acting in these cases which are core to our practice.

With the stakes being so high for you and your children in leave to remove litigation, it could be significantly detrimental to your case if you do not seek our professional opinion and expertise in this area.  We are yet to see a relocation case run by another law firm which has been properly formulated beyond the simplistic route of fact regurgitation and blame. We have been successful in achieving early agreement in leave to remove proceedings and maximising cases where previous legal advisers have failed to employ a proper strategic approach to the case or failed to present the case in the most efficient way.  Because we are able to facilitate a more constructive dialogue between the parents and highlight the underlying issues, we are able to facilitate early resolution of relocation cases through agreement.

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